A downloadable game for Windows

Puzzle platformer based on the parallel worlds theme. The player is a slime that can split into two smaller slimes in different dimensions. Game by Arvind Maan, Andy Tan, Aaron Salo and Caden Chabot. All the music by Nathanaël Wsiaki , find him at wsiakimusic.com!


Slime.zip 30 MB


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Music is too loud, quit button on title does nothing, controls are never explained, you should add controller support for splitting (jump and movement work with controllers). There are a lot of collision bugs that are caused by fusing. I would recommend using a collier that is the size of the fused slime as a check if the post-fusion has space to spawn. 

The art was very solid and the game looks fantastic for a game jam game, I'm thoroughly impressed. Good job :)